Driving along the road with horses is stressful enough; but when you add in a breakdown, stress levels take an all-time high. I have to share how pleased I am with the services of USRider. Unfortunately, I had a “mishap” occur between my horse trailer and semi while at a rest stop, and needless to say my trailer lost.

I ended up with two slashed tires on the driver’s side and a destroyed fender. To top this all off, the time was 3am. My dad was with me and said at daylight he would start walking for help. After I calmed down, I remembered I had USRider. I called and spoke with a very calm representative who asked if I was in a safe area. He also asked about my horses and if they were alright and if I needed food and water for them.

Luckily, my trailer was empty. I didn’t know the address but had just spotted a mile marker. The USRider representative was able to locate me via GPS. He asked for all of the needed information and then sent a repair vehicle my way.  Now, this did take a while; but it was in the middle of the night and in a rural area.

Just knowing someone who could help and would eventually be there eased my mind. During my wait, someone from USRider called periodically to see if I was alright and if the service vehicle had arrived. In the end, the trailer was fixed and we returned home safely. Thanks to USRider, my dad didn’t have to hitch hike for help and he was thrilled I was prepared. He tells everyone about USRider now. Thank you!

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