Frequently Asked Questions
USRider endeavors to provide complete and precise information in all communications. The USRider Membership Agreement governs the relationship between USRider and its Members, and provides the complete and accurate description of benefits, and shall be deemed to control in the event of any inconsistencies.
Signing Up
Classic Membership is $199 per year for a Primary Member plus a one-time non-refundable Activation Fee of $29. Associate Membership (Spouse, Domestic Partner, or Child – between the ages of 16-25) is an additional $79 per year per person. The Activation Fee is waived if an Associate joins at the same time as the Primary Member. Premier Membership is $369 per year, which includes one FREE Associate. An additional Associate Membership, which can include an Employee, is $99 per year per person.
Approximately 7-10 business days.
Membership(s) will be effective 24 hours after joining. An e-mail confirmation provides each new Member’s membership number and the emergency phone number, should the Member need roadside assistance before the New Member Kit arrives.
The activation fee is an internal cost to process and open a new Membership and is non-refundable. A “Reactivation” fee occurs if Memberships lapse for more than 30 days.
Member Benefits
For the Classic Membership, the tow benefit is 100 miles or $400, whichever comes first. The same tow benefit is also available for the trailer. Total benefit $800. The Premier Membership has unlimited towing to the nearest ASE Certified Mechanic or Dealership; or, should you choose a different location the tow benefit is up to $600 per vehicle – $1,200 if both truck and trailer need to be towed.
Yes. As a USRider Member, you have an extensive network of dedicated service professionals ready to assist throughout the United States and Canada. Additionally, at USRider we pay the service providers’ “going rate” and can go outside our network, if necessary.
There is no set limit on the number of disablements per year; however, in order to maintain fair and reasonable Membership Fees for all Members, USRider reviews all unusual frequency of claims based on the average number of Member claims. Usage of services considered excessive may result in limitations on the number of claims allowed, non-renewal, or cancellation of Membership. Excessive use of the plan usually indicates a vehicle is in need of maintenance or repair.
When you have an emergency that requires an unscheduled overnight stay, we will contact local stabling facilities to arrange stabling for your Horse(s). Costs associated with emergency stabling are not covered. Please click here if you would like to join our stabling database.
Associate Members

Yes. Individual Members can add Associate Memberships at the reduced rate of $79 annually for the Classic plan, and $99 annually for the Premier plan. The Activation Fee (Classic Membership only) is waived if an Associate joins at the same time as the Primary Member.

An Associate Member is your spouse or domestic partner who is a resident of the same household; your child, who is a resident of the same household and under the age of 19; or your child, whose primary residence is the same household, and who is a tax dependent of the “Member,” is considered a full-time student at an accredited college or university, and is 25 years of age or younger; or Employee (Premier Membership only).

There is no difference in coverage. An Associate Member enjoys all the same valuable USRider benefits and coverage as Individual/Primary Members – at a reduced rate.

Who is Covered?

No. USRider Membership is for the named Member. Eligible family Members, such as dependent children, and a spouse or domestic partner, may be added to any plan as an Associate Member.

At USRider, we cover our Members in any non-commercial vehicle they are traveling in, even if they are not driving, but the Member must be present for coverage to be applicable. If you are not present, this situation would not be eligible for coverage under your Membership. The person driving your truck would need their own USRider Membership to be covered. Employees may be added as Associates to the Premier plan only.

Yes. We will provide roadside assistance no matter the ownership of horses as long as our Member is present. USRider coverage is not applicable for commercial carriers or haul for hire; and the Emergency Trip Interruption Veterinary Services is only offered to horse(s) owned by the Member.

Vehicle Coverage

Yes and no. We cover the truck and trailer when the Member is present. USRider Membership follows the Member – not a particular vehicle or trailer.

Yes, we will tow your trailer whether it is empty or loaded with your Horse(s). If your trailer can no longer be used to safely transport your animal(s), we will help locate Alternative Transportation. Alternative Equine Transportation costs are the responsibility of the Member.

No, we cover you, as the Member, in any non-commercial, roadworthy vehicle you are in, regardless of whether you are towing a horse trailer – or whether you are driving. Our Members only need to be present in the vehicle at the time of disablement for coverage to be applicable. The only vehicle(s) we do not cover are motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, or tractors.

Yes, we will cover you if you are in a motorhome.

Yes, we will tow any non-automotive vehicle that is towed by a Motorized Vehicle, as long as they are not being used for commercial purposes.

Yes, as far as we know, USRider is the only motor plan that will service vehicles with dual wheels.

Congratulations on your new acquisition! You do not need to contact us, as we do not keep track of tow vehicles and/or horse trailers. We cover you in any non-commercial vehicle you are traveling in, even if you are not driving – you only need be present. However, when you do purchase a new trailer, we’d be happy to supply you with some new trailer safety decals upon request. It is also important to know the specs of each trailer you are traveling with – the height, weight, and length – and recommend you have that information available at the time of service.

Roadside Service

Disconnecting a trailer from a tow vehicle with animals should only be done as a last resort. As you can imagine, each situation is different. We prefer to attempt a repair and avoid towing when possible – especially when animals are aboard. When towing is the only course, we have had great success towing a truck and trailer in tandem to a place of safety where a repair can be made, and/or other options can be explored. Our primary concern is getting you and your Horse(s) off the highway and to a place of safety.

No. Providing service to all of the United States and Canada makes it impossible for us to utilize only personnel that are experienced with horses. However, our Member Care Specialists are specially trained and our service personnel are experienced in automobile service, towing and recovery.

Our average Estimated Time of Arrival is 45 minutes, which is well below the industry standard. It usually takes around 10 minutes for a Member Care Specialist to gather your Membership and vehicle information, and type of service, and then another 10 minutes to find a Service Provider. Thus, our average total wait time is just over an hour. However, in the unusual event that you can get someone else to reach you more quickly, we’ll reimburse you or gladly issue a purchase order so you can sign and drive.

Our Member Care Specialist will inquire about the nature of your disablement and the type of vehicle you are calling about and dispatch a service vehicle capable of the services needed.

In rare cases, our Members are able to obtain service before our in-house dispatch team can locate an available service provider. In those cases, our Members pay for the service. The Member then contacts the Administrative Office for a Request for Reimbursement form. The form and an original receipt (which is marked paid and is in the Member’s name) should be mailed to USRider within 30 days of the incident. We will reimburse the Member up to the benefit limit, less parts, fluids, taxes or storage fees.

For several reasons, including security and liability purposes, our Membership Agreement specifies that the Member must be present when service is rendered.

Regretfully, we do not permit advanced reservations for service. When you are ready for service, simply dial the emergency number on the back of your card and we will be pleased to assist you.


As it relates to our program, Commercial Use is defined as transporting horses for profit.

Yes, our commercial restrictions pertain to the actual use of the vehicle.

Yes. We will provide roadside assistance no matter the ownership of horses as long as our Member is present. USRider coverage is not applicable for commercial carriers or haul for hire; and the Emergency Trip Interruption Veterinary Services is only offered to horse(s) owned by the Member. You may add your Employee(s) as Associate(s) on the Premier plan only.

No. USRider does not serve as automobile insurance. USRider is a motor plan that provides emergency roadside assistance and other equine travel benefits. (For a list of benefits, see the Membership area of this website.)

We are not aware of any other motor plan that provides coverage for animals being towed in trailers. However, we recommend that you contact your current motor plan to inquire about their coverage, or review their service contract.

We are in our 20th year of operation, and we handle thousands of disablements annually with great precision. Moreover, we have attained one of the highest member satisfaction ratings in the motor plan industry. USRider is a motor plan created for Horse owners by people who own and love horses.

Anyone who owns, or has the potential for traveling with, a horse.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. The USRider Member Benefits are clearly detailed with no fine print in our Membership Agreement which is provided online. If you are not completely satisfied with the USRider roadside assistance program, you may cancel Your Membership within thirty (30) days from the date of application and receive a full refund of the annual Membership Fee, provided You have not requested any road Services, relocated, or rejoined, in which case we will deduct any road Service fees paid on behalf of the Member, and/or refund on a pro-rata basis. To do so, send an email to with Your Member ID number, full name, address, and clearly state that You wish to cancel Your Membership and the reason why. If You wish to cancel after thirty (30) days, follow the same procedure and You will receive a pro-rata refund of any unused portion of the Membership Fee and it will come in the form of Your most recent transaction (check or credit card). Regardless of when You cancel, the Activation Fee is non-refundable.

As a USRider Member, when you have a disablement, simply call the emergency toll-free number on your Membership card and a service vehicle will be dispatched to your location.

Our program began operation on January 1, 2002, and we have thousands of Members across the United States and Canada.

Your USRider Equestrian Motor Plan Membership does not provide coverage for equine mortality. However, equine mortality insurance is available through USRider Insurance Services. For more information or to obtain a quote for equine mortality insurance, please visit our Equine Mortality Insurance page.

No. Our Members simply sign and drive up to the plan’s covered limits. In rare instances, a service provider may require payment for overages, which should be advised prior to receiving services. Some services, such as a Mobile Mechanic or Winch-Out, operate on an hourly basis in which only an estimate will be given for services.

No. However, when you have an emergency we will help arrange emergency stabling.

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Comprehensive Nationwide Vehicle and Horse Trailer Coverage
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$400 Winch-Out Service
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