Avoid Trailer Injuries 

Trailer injuries are something all horse owners want to avoid. Developed by horse owners and made of impact-resistant foam, the Paddie ($270; is a stall divider that offers a safe solution for trailering. Effective at preventing injuries from kicking or pawing in the trailer, the Paddie also reduces the need for shipping boots which saves time and money. The divider is easy to install with heavy nylon straps with quick-release snaps and can fit trailers with or without mangers. 

1. Easy Tying
Allow your horse to move more freely, safely graze, eat, drink, and even lie down while tied to a trailer. Simply pull out and secure the arm before attaching the bungee and tying your horse. $449.95;

2. Wireless Watching
See floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall with this wireless trailer camera. One monitor allows you to view up to four cameras, offers top-quality audio, and features an infrared camera. $635;

3. Self-Latching Coupler
The PopUp Extended Coupler gives you additional clearance between your truck cab and trailer nose, and has a self-latching coupler that secures the ball as you lower the trailer. $450;





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