Before removing a horse trailer from jack stands:

  •  Remove all wheels and hubs or brake drums. (Note which spindle and brake the drum was removed from so it can be reinstalled in the same locations.)
  •  Inspect suspension for wear.
  •  Check tightness of hanger bolt, shackle bolt, and U-bolt nuts per recommended torque values.
  •  Check brake linings, brake drums, and armature faces for excessive wear or scoring.
  •  Check brake magnets with an ohmmeter. The magnets should check 3.2 ohms. If shorted or worn excessively, replace.
  •  Lubricate all brake moving parts, using a high temperature brake lubricant. (Lubriplate or equivalent). Caution: Do not get grease or oil on brake linings or on magnet face.
  •  Remove any rust from braking surface and armature surface of drums with fine emery paper or crocus cloth. Protect bearings from contamination while so doing.
  •  Inspect oil or grease seals for wear or nicks. Replace if necessary.


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