Vegas Night Saved by USRider

I just became a member of U.S Rider. Why? Well, USRider was there when we were stranded late at night and in possible danger from an unknown vehicle. Late Sunday night, July...
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I just became a member of U.S Rider. Why? Well, USRider was there when we were stranded late at night and in possible danger from an unknown vehicle.

Late Sunday night, July 20, 2014, we were returning to Scottsdale, AZ from the Clinton Anderson Downunder Horsemanship tour in Las Vegas, NV.  We detected a problem with one of the tires on our car and pulled onto a side road from Highway 93, somewhere between Kingman and Wikieup, AZ.  Unfortunately, it was in the middle of nowhere and pitch-black out!

We got out of the car to inspect the damage and discovered the tread was separating on the right rear tire.  At first we were going to change the tire ourselves, but one of our passengers, Chris Lombardi (name used with her permission) had a U.S. Rider membership and felt it was best to call them because of how late and isolated we were. U.S. Rider’s first question to her was, “Are you and your horse(s) ok?”  That was very nice. They then reassured us that they would get help to us ASAP.

We were about to unload the back so the tow service would be able to change the tire quickly when an SUV drove by, did a U-turn, pulled onto the same road we were on and briefly parked beside our vehicle.  We were in the middle of nowhere, pitch black, three women, tire problems, no street sign, no houses and a strange vehicle. Needless to say, we were on RED ALERT! 

We returned to the vehicle, locked the doors and called 911.  The SUV decided to leave (in our opinion they knew we had called for help). A short time later, Rich Dazzo of Dazzo’s Towing & Relocating, Wikieup, AZ arrived from a call in Kingman with a smile on his face and ready to help. He was professional, courteous, had a nice sense of humor and reassured us that the donut tire would make it safely to Scottsdale (it did).

Thank you U.S. Rider for having this kind of service available in a remote area and for having service providers like Rich on call–-you earned my business and the gratitude of three women.





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