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The USRider Premier Plan is the preferred plan for the business or competitive equestrian traveler. This plan includes all of the benefits of the Classic Plan, plus more!
Roadside Benefits
Your membership becomes effective just 24 hours after joining.

*To the nearest ASE Certified Mechanic or Dealership, or $600 per vehicle if you wish to go a different direction.

**Includes fuel, oil, water delivery and tire changes. Excludes cost of parts and fluids.

Some services provided are subject to certain restrictions and limitations. Member responsible for non-covered expenses and expenses in excess of coverage limits. Please see our Membership Agreement for complete details. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.
Memberships will be effective 24 hours after joining.
Unlimited means no max benefit. 

*Spouse, Domestic Partner, Child under 25, Employee of Primary Member)

**If your vehicle is disabled by a mechanical breakdown, accident or collision (reported in writing to state or local police) more than 150 miles from your residence, as a member, you may qualify for up to $300 in emergency trip expense reimbursement (maximum of $100 a day for up to 3 days or 72 hours) following the accident. Covered expenses include:
  1. Commercial transportation (by common carrier licensed to carry passengers for hire) to your residence or destination and return to pick up your disabled vehicle after repair
  2. Local commercial lodging and meals (incurred in the vicinity where the collision occurred)
  3. Rental of a replacement automobile obtained from any bona-fide car rental agency.
For reimbursement of expenses listed in this section, you must submit a claim to USRider, within 21 days of the accident or disablement, which includes your name, membership number, mailing address and a bona-fide copy of the filed accident report or copy of paid repair orders and an explanation for any repairs requiring your vehicle to be kept for any extended period of time. You must also include paid receipts validated by the companies providing you service. You may access a claims form by logging in to the member area of our website.
***In the event you should need to locate an ATM, Gas Station, Hospital, Restaurant, Rental Car Locations, Hospital or simply need Directions to your final destination, we are ready to assist you.