On January 15, 2016, I was visiting Phoenix for a mounted shooting competition with a few horses. Once arriving at the arena, I noticed both rear tires were damp on the inside. After crawling under my 96 Ford F-250, I concluded there was a problem with either the U-joint or a barring in a rear wheel. I then had a decision to make; walking around hoping I ran into somebody who knew someone who had a friend who is a mechanic; or call USRider.


The decision was easy! I made one phone call and had a list of numbers of local mechanics in no time at all. I called the first one on the list, who just happened to be finishing up a personal vehicle after work.

He told me to bring my pickup over to the shop which was only a few miles from the arena. He explained that he would take me back to the arena while he looked at it! This was at 5:30 pm on a Friday night!

The next morning the mechanic called me bright and early to tell me what he had found and give me a price quote. I told him I would be competing but would be over as soon as I could. The mechanic stayed an extra hour and didn’t charge me any outrageous weekend emergency prices.


He almost seemed insulted when I tried to tip him for being so courteous! I took a stack of cards and handed them out to my fellow competitors instead. Thanks to USRider, my trip was stress free, my horses didn’t have to be stranded anywhere, and my competition was wonderful!

Thank you USRider for taking care of my crew!

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