The following items assembled into an emergency kit will help you handle most situations. Discuss this list with your own veterinarian, he/she may have other suggestions that are appropriate for you and your situation:

  •   Roll Cotton – 2 rolls
  •   Roll Gauze – 4 rolls
  •   Gauze Squares
  •   Clean Standing Bandages – 2 quilt or fleece with outer wraps
  •   Adhesive Tape
  •   24″ Section of 6′ PVC pipe- which has been split in half lengthwise – for splinting: check that diameter of pipe fits your Horse.
  •   Cohesive Flexible Bandage- 2 Vetratp® – Co-flex®
  •   Sticky Roll Bandage – Elastikon®
  •   Thermometer
  •   Stethoscope
  •   Mosquito Forceps
  •   Scissors
  •   Twitch
  •   Antiseptic Soap- Betadine®
  •   Hydrogen Peroxide
  •   Antibacterial Ointment
  •   Antibacterial Spray Powder
  •   Ophthalmic Ointment
  •   Saline Eye Wash
  •  Butazolidin Paste
  •   Banamine Granules or Paste
  •   Bucket
  •   Water- 10 gallons or more

All medications should be given at the advice of your veterinarian or the veterinarian treating the conditionIMPROPER USE OF TRANQUILIZERS AND OTHER MEDICATIONS CAN RESULT IN THE LOSS OF YOUR HORSE.


Source: Neva Kittrell Scheve & Dr. James Hamilton, DMV