I first bought USRider when I made plans to trailer my horse to some out-of-state shows. I had only heard positive things about them and it seemed like a good idea to have coverage that would protect my horse and trailer in case of a problem. Soon after my horse went lame so our showing days were over but I still kept up my membership because it was reasonable and I did still trailer locally. One day, my good friend Merry called to see if I would go with her to pick up a pony she was getting for free in the next county. Merry had not used her truck and trailer in some time, so I thought it would be smart to tag along with her. I offered to use my trailer but she said she had taken her rig out for a test run and everything looked fine. 

We picked up the pony and were returning on a very busy four-lane highway when she got a flat tire. She put her caution lights on and tried to slowly limp along to the next exit. However, something else went wrong with her truck and she could no longer get it to shift. We sat along the side of the road with semis and cars whistling by us at 70 miles per hour. My friend had another well-known car motor plan and called them. They said if she could get to the next exit and then to a garage they could get her truck fixed but could do nothing for her trailer and pony. I remembered that I had USRider. 


I thought, if remembered correctly,  USRider covers any vehicle I sit in. I found the card and called them. They told me that they would locate a towing company and get back to me. USRider continued to check back with me and update me on their progress. In a little over an hour, they had a tow truck with a flatbed trailer come for my friend’s truck and another truck with a hitch that pulled her trailer. Both trucks took us all the way back to her house, a ride of over one hour. My friend offered to pay any charges that I would incur but USRider covered the entire thing. I learned a few important things from this trip. I will always use my rig when trailering anyone’s horses and I will never leave home without US Rider. Thanks, USRider!


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