My wife and I left our home near Chicago in late June 2009. We took a trip through the Western United States that would take us North from Montana into and across Canada, then down the west coast of the United States. Normally, our routine is to travel from one camping/riding area to another, staying a few days to ride the trails wherever the scenery appeals to us. Our interaction with the services of USRider began about 10:00 a.m. July 13, 


We left Hummingbird around 5 on our way to British Columbia. About 10 miles outside Rocky Mountain House, a small town about one hundred miles north of Calgary, we heard one of the trailer tires blowout. Upon further inspection I found the bearings were burning and the axle was broken. While my wife was on the phone (fortunately we had cell service) with USRider I was outside unloading the horses and assessing our situation.

The USRider representative located a towing and repair facility in Rocky Mountain House. He also located a boarding facility where they agreed to send a trailer to pick up our horses and then take them to a stabling facility. It is such a convenience to have a contact that will help you to find whatever service is needed when you are on the road and in trouble! After spending four days in Rocky Mountain House we continued our trip across Canada and re-entered the U.S. near Seattle, WA. We traveled, camped and rode as we continued our trip down the west coast.


On one of our camping/riding stops in Oregon, we stayed overnight on Saturday and then left Sunday morning. On a winding Forest Service road out of camp, we dropped one side of the trailer off the road on a very tight turn. Unable to get a jack under the axle to get back onto the road, we again called USRider. The USRider representative was able to find a heavy duty towing service to come out and rescue us once again. I am a loyal customer of USRider just for the peace of mind of having someone dependable to call for help no matter where I manage to get into trouble!

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