The following list of additional suggestions should help make trailering easier for you and your Horse:

  •  Wear gloves and boots when you are loading and unloading Horses.
  • If the horse trailer is dark inside when you are loading, open the doors and turn on the lights to increase visibility.
  •  If you are having trouble loading a Horse, at least ten well-meaning bystanders will usually show up to help you. Thank them for offering to help but ask them all to leave except those who you know will be able to help. Too many cooks in the kitchen can really make a bad situation worse.
  •  Make sure there are no hazards near the horse trailer (i.e. farm machinery, fence posts, etc.) when you are loading and unloading.
  •  Don’t let door covers stick out the sides where a Horse or handler could get bumped in the head.
  •  If two or more horses are being unloaded from the trailer, keep at least one horse in sight of the last horse until he has also been safely unloaded. The one that is left on the trailer may panic and rush off to quickly. This is more of a problem with inexperienced horses.
  •  If you are hauling your Horse in someone else’s trailer, do your own safety check. Don’t depend on someone else for your safety and the safety of your Horse.
  •  If you are hauling someone else’s Horse in your trailer, insist the horse wear protective bandages, and agree in advance who will be responsible in the event of injury to the Horse or damage to the trailer. Check with the insurance company to see who is covered for what.
  •  Don’t travel alone if you can help it.
  •  Never lead a Horse into the trailer if you do not have an easy escape route.
  •  Never get into a trailer with a panicked Horse, and don’t open the door if there is a chance the Horse could bolt out of the door onto the highway.
  •  Never put a Horse into a trailer that is unhitched, or unhitch a trailer while the Horses are still in it.
  •  Don’t use tranquilizers unless you know how. Improper use of tranquilizers can cause death. Discuss the use of tranquilizers with your veterinarian.

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