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Your free trial USRider membership through the Spalding Labs EZ Renew program is expiring. Renew your membership today at the special Spalding rate and save 20%. Continue traveling with peace of mind with benefits that include:

  • All new in house dispatch team and upgraded systems
  • Towing of your vehicle and/or trailer for up to 100 miles
  • Emergency roadside repair
  • Tire, battery and lockout service
  • Emergency Stabling, Vet and Farrier referrals
  • Coverage on any vehicle you are in—whether you are towing a trailer or not
  • Much more…

See What Members Are Saying

“Everyone was extremely professional and helpful; from the women who first took my phone call to the service man who changed my tire. Both of these individuals followed up several times after the incident was reported to make sure that I knew exactly what they were doing and when my tire would be fixed. Fantastic service!”
– Elizabeth M. – South Carolina Jan 2022