With prices of fuel and feed skyrocketing, the most cost-effective fly control method is prevention. It is not too late to start a preventative program using Fly Predators.  Fly Predators are naturally occurring tiny beneficial insects that stop flies from reproducing.  By increasing the quantity on your farm with regular monthly shipments of Fly Predators throughout the fly season, you can dramatically reduce the number of flies on your property!  Start shipments now so you can help break the fly cycle and have fewer flies all summer! Ask about the Double Up to Catch Up special. Stinky trailer? Read more below about how to beat the stink!


Click here to order or call Spalding at 888-562-4241 between 6am- 6pm pst Mon-Sat. All USRider members get an EXTRA Double-Up Bonus added to their Fly Predator order. Enter you USRider policy number to your order to qualify. You may also call us with this info after the order is placed.

As traveling with a trailer requires a bit of skill and knowledge, so does using Fly Predators. Please watch this quick tutorial video to learn and see how easy the program is to implement at your barn. Have more questions? Give the Fly Control experts at Spalding Labs a call for a no obligation consultation.

Hauling animals in the summer heat means that urine odors are stronger. Bye Bye Odor will eliminate those odors using safe microbes. Spray the wet spot and sides of the trailer where urine may have splattered when you stop for fuel or when you reach your destination. After 1-2 applications built up odors are eliminated and stay gone with daily applications.

Bye Bye Odor is the easiest and most cost-effective way to eliminate urine odors in a trailer. One 4oz  bottle of concentrate will make 10 quarts of ready to use Bye Bye Odor. at $19.95 that is only $1.95 a quart. Just spray the wet spot and walls of your trailer to get it smelling fresh. Click Here to order Bye Bye Odor