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BriteAngle Flashing LED Triangles Protect Vehicles and Horse Trailers in Roadside Emergencies. Our highest priority is preventing the agony of people or equipment, of any kind, being hit because of a roadside emergency. BriteAngles warn oncoming traffic to SLOW DOWN and MOVE OVER. USRider Members receive an 11% savings when ordering a 2-pack, plus 2 FREE cone mounting brackets, by using the code USRider. For more information, visit or call (650) 333-8701.

CarriLite Corrals horse panels collapse down to one-quarter their original size, offering innovative convenience in storage and transportation. Made of HDPE UV stabilized resin, these panels provide years of durable and maintenance-free service. Corrals available in white, tan and pink. Official corrals of the NATRC and endorsed by 6x NFR Qualifier: World Champion Fallon Taylor. USRider Members receive free shipping ($99 value) on all Carri-Lite Corrals by using code EQNET19. For more information, click on the logo, or call 888-337-7787.


When traveling with Horses, you can never be too careful. It is critical that other drivers see you both day and night. CAUTION HORSES® Safety Products will make your rig more visible with signs, decals and strips made of engineer-grade reflective vinyl – the same type used on law enforcement and emergency vehicles. Use your USRider Membership to receive a 20% discount on purchases from CAUTION HORSES® by using code USRIDER20. For more information, click on the logo, or call 561-313-0384.


Find it a hassle to have a ton of different keys for all you locks? DuraSafe offers a complete line of truck and trailer locks that can be keyed the same. Fifth wheel rail locks, receiver locks, cable locks, gate locks, wheel locks and more. Proudly manufactured and assembled in the USA, DuraSafe will build your locks so they all work with the same key. You choose the locks you need. We build them specifically for you, all keyed to the same key, and shipped directly to your doorstep. USRider Members receive a 10% discount on all DuraSafe products by using code EQNET19. For more information, click on the logo, or call 866-544-5615.


Have you ever had issues with your horse trailer’s lights or brakes? With its innovative electrical connection system for towing, EZ Connector saves you time and money while keeping you and your Horses safely on the road. EZ Connector’s patented magnetic waterproof and corrosion-free design along with superior face-to-face spring-loaded contacts ensures a reliable trouble-free connection. As a USRider Member, receive a free adapter ($30 value) for your trailer with the purchase of a connector for your truck/trailer. For more information, click on the logo, or call 559-686-5889.


The HitchSafe converts the hitch receiver into a vault!  Secures keys, cards and more with no need to hassle with or lose keys while riding!  Cover protects and conceals and vault is secured inside the receiver via internal sliding bolts. 10,000 combination drawer can be set to your own code. USRider Members receive 15% discount on any products by using code EQNET19. For more information, click on the logo, or call 800-654-1786.


USRider protects you and your horses from being stranded. But what happens when you arrive at the repair facility? How do you know which part really needs to be replaced? What is a fair price? Who can you trust? Through an arrangement with Nationwide Warranties, Auto Warranty Specialists, USRider Members can save $100 off their unique extended warranties by using code USRider. Nationwide Warranties is the only extended warranty program that covers large trucks, dual wheel vehicles and vehicles with high mileage. Nationwide Warranties can cover any make, any model and any mileage vehicles. For more information, click on the logo, or call call 877-844-7283.


Travel with peace of mind with PressurePro’s market-leading Tire Pressure Monitoring Solution. Arming you with real-time tire performance data and alerts to dangerous tire situations whether on the road or parked, PressurePro helps add safety and efficiency to your journeys, no matter the road you travel. With low-tire-pressure remaining the leading cause of tire failure, PressurePro’s wireless design allows equestrians to extend tire life, increase fuel efficiency, improve handling and stability, improve braking and ride with confidence. Packed with the market’s most advanced features, PressurePro remains simple to install and easy to move between vehicles and trailers. USRider Members receive a 10% discount by using code EQNET19For more information, click on the logo, or call 800-959-3505.


Have you ever wondered how your Horses were traveling in the trailer as you drive down the road? There is no need to wonder any longer. Rostech Electronics has developed an inexpensive color monitoring system to give you a complete view of the trailer interior. With the camera in the trailer and the monitor in the cab of your tow vehicle, you can easily see your Horses. The system is portable, wireless and transmits up to 1,000 feet. USRider Members receive a $50 discount on the purchase of a system. For more information, click on the logo, or call 800-361-8080.


SportChassis, the American brand of heavy duty pickups whose name goes hand in hand with luxury, strength, and pride, is recognized by the United States Department of Transportation as the Original Equipment Manufacturer of the SportChassis, which is its own vehicle line/make. What this means to you the customer is: value certainty of your SportChassis when insuring or reselling, peace of mind knowing that you can get bumper to bumper warranty and service work at any Freightliner service point, and overall greater satisfaction of ownership with the SportChassis. USRider members receive $5000 worth of add-ons and accessories, when purchasing a new SportChassis truck. For more information, click on the logo, or call 800-358-7624.


Swift Hitch is the original wireless portable back-up camera system designed to assist with hitching up your horse trailer. It can also be used to watch your horse in the trailer. Since 2006 the Swift Hitch’s portability, reverse imaging, and night-vision capabilities have made this innovative product a valued tool. Swift Hitch’s SH02 wireless system is the 2012 NATDA (North America Trailer Dealer Association) New Product of the Year and now upgraded to non-interference digital version SH02D. Switch Hitch proudly delivers high quality products with outstanding customer service. USRider Members receive $20 off and free shipping on all Swift Hitch products (purchase of $50 or more) by using code USRIDER2024. Enjoy $50 off and free shipping for any purchase over $199 (Lowest kit price) or more by using code USRIDER2024KIT. For more information, click on the logo, or call 617-600-8282.


Organize your barn, trailer and show tack stall with the Handy Organizing Storage System from The Organized Barn & Trailer. Simply hang panels on the wall of your trailer dressing room, wash rack, tack room, etc. and then use bins, baskets, hooks, shelves, saddle racks and more to organize your belongings. The Organized Barn & Trailer also offers water tanks, mounting blocks, feed carts and other ranch necessities. USRider Members receive a 5% discount by using code EQNET19. For more information, click on the logo, or call 888-298-8628.