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Trusted by Top Riders Since 1986

Bit of Britain, part of the Equishopper Marketplace Network services the Eventing community with expert knowledge, community & professional services, along with quality products curated just for you! Our eCommerce marketplace offers 24/7 ordering flexibility with products shipped right to your door.  USRider Members receive a special 10% discount with code EQNET19.  For more information, click on the logo, or call 610-510-7262.

E-Z Up Stirrup Extender Company produces three distinctive products for the horse enthusiast. The E-Z Up Stirrup Extender drops your stirrup three inches at the push of a button then locks into position with a lift of the toe. The LegSaver Stirrup Swivels allow your stirrups to swivel 360 degrees to minimize ankle, knee and hip stress. The E-Z Up LegSaver combination marries the two technologies for easier mounting and dismounting and fosters a much more pleasurable ride. USRider Members receive FREE shipping with any order with code #?1030. For more information, click on the logo, or call 877-865-1497.

FABTRON delivers a full line of quality tack for horses, cows, sheep, and dogs. FABTRON was started in 1977 by Stan and Sharon Headrick with three goals in mind: offer quality products, be competitively priced, and supply the best service in the industry. Sold only through authorized distributors, FABTRON’s product line is one of the best and broadest in the industry, with new and improved products being added continually. USRider Members receive a 20% discount on saddles, by calling and mentioning USRider. For more information, click on the logo, or call 800-523-8225.

The revolutionary, patented design of MDC Intelligent Stirrups gives the rider a competitive advantage, increased security, comfort and safety in a common-sense ergonomic design. Secure angles of traditional 45 or 90 degrees customize your ride and reduce leg burns. The MDC Ultimate Stirrup has a hinged footplate for a softer, shock-absorbing feel while the MDC Comfort Stirrup has a traditional footplate and appearance. Both models come in a stainless steel or satin black finish. USRider Members receive FREE shipping on each order. For more information, click on the logo, or call at 831-375-0883.

Nag Horse Ranch has designed 90% UV protection for horses with white muzzles or faces. Recommended by veterinarians and loved by horses who hate having sunscreen applied, these shades are durable, comfortable and effective. Nose, full face, eye protection, & trail rider shades are available along with three styles of sun visors. USRider Members receive 10% off entire order with code EQNET19For more information, click on the logo, or call 770-990-8487.


Rein-Aid offers a variety of products that contain elastic to soften the connection between horse and rider. Whether you use Rein-Aid inserts or full Elasto-Reins, your horse will become more willing to soften to the bit, relax and go slower, rounder and more correctly. You can do dressage, jump, trail ride, hunt, barrel race, drive and train yourself and your horse to perform more smoothly with Rein-Aid. We also offer Soft-Lunge and Rein-Aid breastplate draw-reins. Both feature the same 1 inch elastic backed by leather in their design. These products are kind, effective and safe with leather backing on all elastic portions. USRider Members receive an exclusive 20% discount, by calling and mentioning USRider. For more information, click on the logo, or call 800-773-4885.

Since 2013, Riding Warehouse has been proudly serving the three main disciplines of equestrian sport: English, Western and Endurance. No matter the type of rider, putting you and your equine first is the essence of who we are. With our unbeatable customer service, free shipping on eligible orders, 365-day return policy, and carefully selected product offerings, Riding Warehouse strives to provide an exceptional and easy shopping experience from start to finish! USRider Members, save 15% off our already low prices with code USRIDER24. For more information, click on the logo or call 800-620-9145.

The SaddleRight Pad was designed to deflect the impact on a horse’s muscles and reflex centers. It yields with the pressure of saddle and rider and because of its high-rebound properties returns immediately to its original shape. The SaddleRight Pad never allows the saddle bars and the rider’s weight to press steadily against the muscle. As a USRider Member, receive FREE shipping on any order by calling and mentioning USRider. For more information, click on the logo, or call 800-677-6970.


A saddle is only as good as the tree on which it is built. Saddles by STEELE (Custom Tree & Saddle) makes the best and strongest trees possible. In the saddle business for 150 years, Saddles by STEELE is so sure of the quality and comfort, they’ll loan you a saddle to try before you buy. All STEELE saddles are custom-built around the customer’s order.  USRider Members get a FREE leather water bottle holder with purchase of a new saddle. For more information, click on the logo, or call 615-746-2456.

Shadowtree has been in the business of supplying horse accessories to customers since 1995 when owner, Bobbie, started attending endurance rides and loading her old horse trailer with products for riders and their crew and even riding a couple rides herself.  Today they are reaching a far greater majority of customers who love to ride and camp, have their dogs as their best friends and are sharing an equine lifestyle with friends and family.

Shadowtree is always searching for just the right items that provide something unique and beneficial for their customers in their search for new and innovative merchandise.  Tried and true is also an important aspect of this business so when an item works, they try and keep it available and in stock.  However, occasionally products become available but are a one-time item so if you see that amazing item, don’t wait, grab it while you can. USRider members receive 10% discount and free shipping on almost all products (except the large items) with code EQNET21. For more information, click on the logo, or call (877) 305-6064.

Stagecoach West opened in 1977 as a small tack-supply store. As word spread about their excellent customer service, the company grew, as did their reputation for quality and price. Stagecoach West has one of the largest outlets for horse and rider supplies. USRider members receive 10% discount on every order over $50 (sorry saddles excluded) with code store4771. For more information, click on the logo, or call 800-648-1121.

Trail Rider’s Path features hundreds of miles of marked trails in Pennsylvania, New York and surrounding states. Subscribe to Trail Rider’s Path to download/print approved trail maps, directions to trailheads, horse camping information and contact information for farriers and vets that service the area in which you are trail riding. The TRP Map Holder/Trail Kit is custom-made by Cashel and is 9” x 13 ½” as compared to other sizes on the market. Ideal for on the trail, practicing dressage tests, and learning patterns or courses. It will also attach to marathon carriages for CDE’s, and aids as a supplement for therapeutic riding services. USRider members enjoy a 10% discount. For more information, email us at trailriderspath@comcast.net.