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Tenda Horse Products, LLC, has been serving the performance horse industry for over 45 years with a primary goal of developing and manufacturing safe and effective products to promote and improve the overall health, soundness, performance and overall well-being of equine athletes. USRider members receive 10% discount on all products. Order at tendahorse.com and use code USRIDER


Developed by veterinarians and nutritionists and supported by a team of animal health specialists, Arenus products deliver more than what you think your animal could be receiving; they provide what your animal needs, whether healthy or ill.  This is because Arenus is centered on the core belief of supporting complete animal care solutions, with deep passion and exact science.  USRider Members receive 10% discount on their Sore No-More line of products with code USRIDERSNMFor more information, click on the logo, or call 866-791-3344.

Choice of Champions International keeps horses at the top of their game with a line of supplements that support the health, fitness and overall well-being of performance horses. For sporthorses with busy show and travel schedules or horses prone to stress, U Shield is a favorite choice. U Shield is an acid suppressant, mucosal protective and top dressing for horses prone to ulcers. Lung Aid is a must-have for horses in heavy work. This supplement is a comprehensive conditioner for the lungs that promotes equine respiratory health. Other Choice of Champions products include Super Joint Solution, True Sweat, and Easy Does It. USRider Members receive FREE Shipping with minimum $150 order with code USROnline and phone orders only. For more information, click on the logo, or call 800-868-1077.

USRider_logo_long02-300x97Discount Prescription Drug Card

The USRider Prescription Drug Savings Card is available at no cost to Members and accepted at over 54,000 pharmacies nationwide. The card provides savings of up to 15% on brand-name drugs and 40% or more on generics. The card may also provide discounts on drugs not covered by insurance plans. With Comparison Shop, Members can compare the costs of their prescriptions at all participating pharmacies in an area. This feature will also show the cost of generic equivalents to ensure the best deal. When traveling, USRider Members can access On the Go to find participating pharmacies across the country. Members can also access In the Mail to get mail order pricing and ordering information. Contact the USRider Administrative office for your savings card!

EquiMedic USA, Inc. is the world leader in the design and manufacture of equine first aid kits. They feature 12 complete kits, a Build-Your-Own function, well designed soft-sided first aid bags and hard cases, Disposable Mini Wound Care Kits and hundreds of equine first aid refill/restocking and optional supplies. Specialized first aid kits are available for your basic, barn, trail riding, trailering, professional, human only, and wound care: most kits include supplies for humans as well. One of their most popular kits is the Large Barn Station, outfitted in a mobile Stanley Work Case. The Large Mobile Professional Kit is designed for the serious horse owner, trainer, clinician, saddle club, organization, event facility, or stable owner, and is offered in a different wheeled mobile caddy. These well-designed, user friendly, fully outfitted first aid kits will help you be prepared for horse and human emergency health care needs.  USRider Members receive 15% off EquiMedic USA’s two trailering equine first aid kits: Small Trailering Kit (item# KIT003) and Large Trailering Kit (item# KIT007) with code EQNET19 -both are designed to specifically be kept in your horse trailers.  For more information, click on the logo, or call 866-211-1269.

FarmVet has two decades of doing business with equestrians from every discipline. FarmVet offers a variety of pharmaceuticals, equine supplements, horse healthcare products and more. USRider Members receive 5% off their OTC purchases, some exclusions apply, by using code USRIDER. Visit www.farmvet.com or call 888-837-3626 for a full list of available products and discount exclusions. 



Awesome Supplements and Amazing Service — HorseTech® delivers both, along with FREE shipping on any order delivered within the lower 48 states! All of your favorite HorseTech products like Glanzen 3®, HylaSport®, Quench!®, GutWerks, ReitSport® HA-100 and Buggzo®, (and more) are available directly from HorseTech® at a special USRider discounted price. Your USRider Membership entitles you to a 10% discount on your entire HorseTech® purchase with code USR10. (USR Member # required). For more information, click on the logo, or call 800-831-3309.

KV Supply is the place to go for an incredible variety of equine supplies including supplements, vaccines, tack, prescriptions, grooming supplies, insecticides and more! KV Supply has proudly served its customers for over 30 years and has built a reputation for excellent customer service, fast shipping and low prices! Plus, more than 80% of their items receive FREE shipping! Your USRider Membership entitles you to a 10% discount and free shipping on orders over $49 with code EQNET19For more information, click on the logo, or call 800-423-8211.


Med-Vet Pharmaceuticals (MVP) has been providing performance-focused supplements to the equine industry for over 35 years. MVP provides the highest level of quality, potency and purity to help support overall health and performance. MVP is a certified member of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC), which means products meet regulated compliance and quality standards set by the NASC.   Give us 60 Days…and we’ll give you a better horse…100% customer satisfaction guaranteed!

Whether you have a supplement in mind, or want to learn what supplement might best fit for your horse’s needs, contact our team  at 833-809-4848. USRider Members receive a 10% discount on your entire order at www.MedVetPharm.com by using the code: MVPUS10.


Your horses can count on Omega Fields’ Omega-3 rich, stabilized flax supplements and treats to help restore cracked, brittle hooves, prevent sand colic, alleviate stiff immobile joints, soothe aching muscles, relieve skin problems and promote a shiny, healthy coat. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. As a USRider Member, you’ll enjoy a 15%  discount on purchases from Omega Fields with code EQNET19For more information, click on the logo, or call  877-663-4203.

Made in the USA, RevitaVet™ Infrared Therapy, the #1 name in equine preventive maintenance and rehabilitation, is an outcomes-based product that accelerates the healing process by better than 50 percent. The non-invasive, safe, easy-to-use, portable, and affordable technology (seven pulsating Nogier frequencies) keeps your equine athlete happy, sound and in top performing condition. With graphical tips on how to use, check out the FREE RevitaVet™ App. It takes the guesswork out of using the System and enables you to select and customize therapies for the 70 most common injuries. USRider Members receive 25% discount plus Free Shipping in the continental US with code EQNET19For more information, click on the logo, or call 800-279-1479.

Need a first aid kit for your horse, dog, cat or bird? Show-Me Animal Products pioneered quality first aid for Horses and pets. Their pet products offer serious first aid at prices that compete in any market. USRider Members receive free shipping and handling on each order. For more information, click on the logo, or call 800-831-7245.

At Sweetwater Nutrition we make it easy for you to select high quality supplements for your horse with a name you can trust.  Founded in 1999, Sweetwater Nutrition is here to help you select the right products for your horse – ranging from InflamAway joint supplements for your performance horse, RelaxForm EQ for stressed horses, to Hoof Renu to promote strong healthy hooves. We are here to work with you, providing your horse with the best products available.  Sweetwater Nutrition understands the busy lifestyle that equestrians live, especially when traveling with their horses. We also carry supplements for dogs.  Made in the USA, all of our ingredients are USP human grade and our formulas are proven for potency and efficacy. USRider Members will receive a 20% discount and FREE shipping on a purchase over $35 with code USRIDERFor more information, click on the logo, or call 800-200-7890 .