A Message from USRider Regarding COVID-19

With the ongoing spread of the COVID-19 outbreak, uncertainty surrounding many elements of our daily lives continues to grow. At USRider, management is actively engaged and monitoring current conditions related to the outbreak to ensure our preparedness plans and response activities are aligned with the recommendations of the WHO, CDC and local health agencies, to ensure the safety of our employees and our members.


In regard to our emergency service, we are closely monitoring the situation at our call centers locations and have implemented additional hiring to assure coverage in the event the outbreak escalates in those areas. We also have extensive contingency plans and technology in place to allow our representatives to work in remote locations should the situation warrant that. In addition, we work very closely with all providers in our network and have a system in place to allow providers to update us should their capacity be affected by the outbreak. In the event this occurs in any areas of our coverage, we have the ability to secure service from any available providers in the area and have protocols in place should an emergency necessitate contacting local authorities.


While it is recommended to keep travel to areas highly impacted to a minimum, we want you to know that we do not expect this to affect our services. Please be assured that in the wake of these planning efforts, we will continue to be committed to the welfare and safety of our Members and their Horses.




Bill Riss

General Manager

USRider Equestrian Motor Plan