Special Free Trail Offer for USTRC Members!

At USRider Equestrian Motor Plan, we are truly committed to the safety and security of you and your Horses on the road. We are there for you 24/7, in any vehicle -whether you are the passenger or the driver, and even if you’re not traveling with your Horses. As a benefit of being a USTRC member, you are eligible for an exclusive FREE Three Month Trail Membership! Take advantage of a stable full of Emergency Roadside Services including:


  •   FREE towing of your vehicle and/or trailer for up to 100 miles
  •   FREE emergency roadside repair (up to $200 per incident)
  •   FREE emergency lodging and stabling referrals
  •   FREE coverage of any vehicle you are in-whether as driver or passenger
  •   Discounts from our partners on equine related goods and services
  •   Much more…..


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