In the unfortunate event of a breakdown, USRider reminds all of our Members to be well prepared and provide the necessary information so we can better assist you!

Get to know your trailer. For us to deliver the fastest service, please know the weight, length, and height of your trailer. That will give us a better idea of what kind of provider to dispatch and get you back on the road!

Please know the tire size of your vehicle(s) AND your trailer(s). In the event of a blow-out, we can better access a new tire for you with this information.

If damage occurs to your truck and/or trailer during a service call, please document this as soon as you can. Please call our emergency number AND our administrative offices to have proper documentation. Also, please take pictures!

In the event you do call for service, please take pictures before the service provider arrives. That way, if your vehicle or trailer does become damaged, you have documentation for proof of damages.

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