Spirithorse Designs

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Spirithorse Designs

In the world of cherished memories, Spirithorse Designs Horse Hair Jewelry & Art offers a complete custom experience in keepsake jewelry that has the power to heal hearts. Angela, the designer and creator, knows that the pain of losing a beloved horse can be heart-wrenching, but she is on a mission to end that heartache, one bracelet at a time.

At Spirithorse Designs, we understand the profound bond that exists between a horse and its owner. It’s a connection that transcends words, a love that lingers long after they’ve left this world. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to crafting not just jewelry, but a vessel for your most cherished memories.

Every piece we create is a testament to the enduring love and loyalty of your equine companion. Angela’s commitment to your healing journey is reflected in every meticulously handcrafted bracelet. From each carefully selected bead, charm, and pendant to our amazing guarantee we aim to capture the very essence of your beloved horse in each piece.

When is the best time to create your own heirloom piece? Right now! Don’t wait until they have moved on. Visit www.spirithorsedesigns.com and let Angela’s artistry transform your most cherished moments into an exquisite piece that will honor your equine companion EVERY day and keep them with you. Always.