USRider Testimonials

After each disablement, USRider Members tell us how we did. When our Members are safely back home we email a satisfaction survey, and here is what Members are saying about their USRider experience:


“Very impressed. You went above and beyond. I have never had a roadside assistance company actually call me back, check on me and give me the name of the company that was coming to help! Way to go — Keep up the super work!”
Kimberly K., Oklahoma “The driver was very nice and helpful. He went out of his way to make sure we knew how to get hold of him while he was in transit.”
Leann Q., Oregon

“Incredible!! To know that if anything should happen that I have someone reliable to call on for help is priceless. In addition, it amazed me that the specialist continued to stay in contact with me until we were on our way and she truly cared! Because of your service I have recommended you to everyone! Thank you.”

Christine D.,  Maryland

“Great service!”
Mary S., Washington “Given our experience with other plans, your service is superior. Thank you!”
Barbara L., Oregon “This was the best roadside assistance I’ve ever gotten from any program. It was wonderful to not have to worry about how I was going to get my injured Horse to a vet and change a flat tire. Your service was great. Thank You! P.S. I never thought I’d have to use your service but I was sure grateful I had it. The two other people that were with me signed up for your service that same week!”
Alessandra M., California “My threaded tire tore out the running light. The man who changed the tire noticed my lack of light as I pulled out onto the interstate. He followed me to my night’s destination (about 20 miles) to make sure I was safe.”
Lucia H., California “Very good service – I was stuck way out off the highway, 1,000 miles from home and everyone I talked to was very helpful.”
Alexis J., Oklahoma “We are very pleased with your service and have recommended you to other horse people! Thanks for this unique service! Your fee is reasonable, too!!”
Jill L., Montana “Your service was outstanding. The weather was brutally cold and all towing was at a premium. Your staff kept in constant contact and followed up after the service. I am extremely pleased and will recommend your service to anyone who will listen. Thank you. Keep up the good work.”
Jana C., Wisconsin “I had just got the USRider plan the day before I left on my trip and broke down. Thank you so much for the help and no hassle.”
Jeanetta S., Colorado “Thank you for excellent service and practical assistance. My other roadside program would have left me stranded out of state until at least Monday because they ‘can’t work on or authorize work on’ my truck. It was a simple clamp that any handy man could repair, and I was on my way the same day. I won’t travel with my Horses without USRider. Oh, and the first question you asked was for the well being of my Horses! Thank You. P.S. As soon as I returned home, I referred to you a new Member. “
Lavonda H., Missouri “This is superb service! I love USRider and recommend it very strongly to all my friends.”
Elizabeth B., Missouri “I was out in the ‘boonies’ on a Friday late afternoon/early evening and was amazed at how quickly my problem was taken care of. Thank you!!!”
Martie J., Minnesota “We were very pleased with the response and quickness in which we received assistance. We will certainly refer USRider.”
Cheryl M., Texas “Keep up good work! Have referred several people to you.”
Suzanne S., Texas “Your Member Care Specialist really sounded like she cared. It makes me feel safe knowing y’all are standing by and following up on whether help came and if my needs were met properly. Traveling alone now is not a worrisome thing. Thank you.”
Ruth S., Texas “I didn’t realize I would have to use your service so soon. I was very impressed! I am highly recommending your service to all my equestrian travelers!”
Jeanne A., Mississippi “Your people do a great job. Always checked back to make sure we were taken care of. I’ve recommended USRider to all our club Members.”
Jim B., Ohio “I think your motor plan is the ‘best’ and I have recommended it to people.”
Carol B., Kentucky “I just started with this service, and after having one problem 10 hours from home I have recommended it to all of my riding friends. Thanks for such a great service.”
Jenna S., Indiana “I drive with peace of mind knowing you’ll be there if I need help.”
Kelley Z., Indiana “As always, service was great — helpful, courteous, friendly operator and quick, efficient service. I’ve gotten some friends to join USRider and recommend it to all horse people.”
Katherine H., Tennessee “Thank you so much for doing what you promised to do.”
Gail B., Tennessee “Thanks for being there! Everyone was right on it and I loved that the first thing the operator asked was, ‘Are you okay and is your Horse okay? Do you need a vet?’ Thanks again.”
Lauren I., Georgia “I’m thrilled to belong to USRider – thank you for being there for us horse people.”
Marie F., Florida “This is by far the best service I have ever used! Thank you so very much.”
Aimee D., Florida “This was a remote location, no GPS crossroads. It was really helpful to call a local tow firm that knew the backcountry roads. They were quite complimentary about your professionalism.”
Cheryl V., Florida “Thank you so much for being the easiest company to work with.”
Gary R., Florida “The tow truck driver was polite, punctual and extremely helpful. He arrived in less time than your Member Care Specialist said he would. He was very efficient and got my truck and trailer – full of Horses – back on the road quickly. Further, I have always been satisfied with the assistance I have received from your Customer Care Specialist and the roadside assistance you have sent to help me. Your plan is great! I am especially glad that you provide coverage for vehicles carrying Horses.”
Deborah R., Virginia “We were in a remote location. It worked out the best it could have. The Horse went back to the barn he had been staying at. The Jeep and trailer went to a dealer for repair and barn for storage, respectively. Erma was a huge help. We were 22 miles into a 400-mile trip.”
Cordelia S., Virginia “Your service saved the day! This was the best investment I have ever made!”
Gretchen E., South Carolina “When you are broke down towing, the last thing you want is to feel stranded! Not the case with USRider! A caring Care Specialist to a wonderful tow truck driver (who even had a cold soda if I wanted it)! Thanks!!”
Dawn A., South Carolina “Your service is fantastic. I feel much more at ease when traveling with my Horses because I know I can count on your company to be there if there is a problem. Thanks for providing a much needed service!”
Grace S., South Carolina “We will never switch to another service. You had my vehicle towed to two different places until I was able to get it fixed! I have recommended it to all my friends!”
Penelope S., North Carolina “Your service is fantastic! It was a life saver.”
Forrest Kaye M., North Carolina “Your plan was a lifesaver on a holiday when no one wanted to come. You gave me service with a smile. Thank you.”
Forrest Kaye M., North Carolina “I am crazy about your service and recommend you to all my horse friends, some of whom have signed up for your service. I got a flat tire on an extremely dangerous curve on I-40 in Oklahoma City. The tow truck operator was wonderful as was the person on the phone. Thanks!”
Dianne N., New York “My situation was a difficult one to get resolved. The persistence of the representative on my behalf was beyond excellent. Every horse owner I know now carries USRider. Thanks for great service!!!”
Dolores A., New York “Excellent service – prompt, asked good questions, felt very confident with the service, clearly felt safety concerns were taken care of.”
Alexandra K., New York “The brake line on our van ruptured just before arriving at a Horse show! Fortunately, we were able to stop by down shifting and using the emergency brake. Your company and the towing company were wonderful. Thank you for your prompt and professional and courteous service!”
Kurt B., New Jersey “Overall, your premiums are well worth the services you provide. You made our accident a lot easier to handle.”
Maryann O., New Hampshire “I was very impressed the agent called back to verify that the wrecker arrived. The company was very helpful, dropped me off on way to garage. Just renewed membership. Telling everyone with Horses.”
Thomas J., Massachusetts “Over 40 years of over-the-road with 4-wheel to 18 wheels+. For past four years I have been pulling Horses east of Mississippi with USRider. My Horses have not been by the roadside more than 45 minutes. USRider Equestrian Motor Plan is the only way to go! Thank you!”
Roy W., Massachusetts “Thank you for this wonderful service! I’ve told all my friends about this motor plan.”
Nancy H., North Carolina “Your operator was organized, professional, helpful and upbeat. I had a terrible experience with (another motor plan) in the past, so bad that I had decided the service wasn’t worth the money or the headache – I am so thankful that my friend encouraged me to give your service a try. Fantastic!”
Gena M., Maine “Thank you – Everything was easy.”
Linda R., Washington “I really appreciate being a woman traveling alone with Horses, that the operator kept calling me back to check on me.”
Candy B., Minnesota “Your service is fantastic! It was a life saver.”
Forrest M., North Carolina “I am very pleased that there is this type of roadside service for horse people.”
Lee M., Massachusetts “Thank you for your help and keep up the good work.”
John B., Florida “Fantastic Service – I have referred your company to many others – couldn’t be happier!”
Linda C., AZ “I’m happy – So is my horse!”
Gail M., CA “It was hard to find assistance in the area of which I was but the Member Care Specialist was very determined. Thank you!”
Heather M., OH “This is the second time USRider has come to my rescue – I so appreciate your service. Thank you for being there for Horse owners!”
Julia L., NY “We were stuck at the top of a mountain 20 miles from a town and your people were in contact with us repeatedly until we were back on our way. The people you sent were very nice and honest. Your service is well worth the money.”
Beverly T., WY “Your service is fantastic. I can’t even think of a way to improve it!”
Linda C., TX “Each time I’ve used the service I have been pleased with it and glad to have it! Thank you!”
Stephanie N., OK “Even though my vehicle wasn’t the one towed, me and my Horse were in good hands – thank you for your help and caring service. I’m glad and thankful to have a service that cares for me and my Horse’s safety.”
Eva A., KY “First time I used the service since joining – a flat tire on my big truck, and we were on the road in less than 2 hours.”
Thomas B., FL “Wow! I was really impressed with how easy and quick this was – a great service! Thank you!”
Alayne B., WA “Service was great! My husband was blown away when you called to check that everything had been taken care of.”
Elizabeth G., CA

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